About Us

Discovering and drinking wine should be ridiculously easy and winefix does just that. Discover, compare and receive wine effortlessly.


winefix was founded by wine lovers (not connoisseurs) and born based on the need for a completely new approach to the wine shopping experience. One that takes away the stress, complexity and unnecessary information overload, leaving one only with incredible wines to love and appreciate.

Sick and tired of blindly choosing wines through vague recommendations or perplexing wine-speak, the founders set out to break it down for one and all, whether you're old or new to wine.

Our vision: Discovering and drinking wine should be ridiculously easy

If there's a wine on winefix, you know countless hours have been sacrificed by wine nuts into drinking, tasting, debating and re-drinking, to find the best bottles for you. It's ok, we accept this heavy burden.

We don't think that's enough. Even choosing from our curated selection should be easy. Hence, the grandiose descriptions have been removed and replaced with simple taste ratings. Now you can compare and choose wines based on your actual taste inclinations. Or as we call it, the ABS on that sexy bottle of vino.

That's still not good enough. What if one doesn't know what they want? No problem. Take our 6 question wine recommendation engine (I Can't Decide!) and let us recommend you a wine unique to your taste preferences. 

Actually no. You're are free spirit (#rebel) and just like experimenting from time to time. Or maybe you have a party coming up and your guests need a wine fix. Happy to oblige. Delivery is free, regardless of order size.

That wine problem we were talking about? It's been fixed.