Imagine drinking freshly squeezed lime juice. From the fruit, not a carton. That's a 10.


While not immediately lovable, bitterness is a good thing because it balances wines. It is also the more obvious half of tannins (fancy wine-speak).
A 10 is a cuppa black coffee.


Your favourite can of soda would score a 15 out of 10. Sweeter wines are fancily known as less dry.
Go figure.

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Copper Ridge White Zinfandel, Rosé, Copper Ridge, winefix

Copper Ridge White Zinfandel

Country: USA
Alcohol Content: 7.5% 
Year: Non-vintage. Non-essential information.

Acidity: 5/10 
Bitterness: 3/10
Sweetness: 6/10 

Regular price $23.90

Michel Torino Coleccion Malbec Rosé, Rosé, Michel Torino, winefix

Michel Torino Coleccion Malbec Rosé

Country: Argentina
Alcohol Content: 14% 
Year: Rosé all day

Acidity: 7/10 
Bitterness: 2/10 
Sweetness: 2/10

Regular price $37.90