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Our brand new wines, from around the world, fresh off the wine bottling line machines. The ultimate combination of adventure, excitement and ease.


Imagine drinking freshly squeezed lime juice. From the fruit, not a carton. That's a 10.


While not immediately lovable, bitterness is a good thing because it balances wines. It is also the more obvious half of tannins (fancy wine-speak).
A 10 is a cuppa black coffee.


Your favourite can of soda would score a 15 out of 10. Sweeter wines are fancily known as less dry.
Go figure.

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Château Roubeyrac Bordeaux (Red Blend), Red wine, Château Roubeyrac, winefix

Château Roubeyrac Bordeaux (Red Blend)

Country: France 
Alcohol Content: 12.5% 
Year: I need a glass of wine. Or a bottle. Or a winery in Bordeaux.

Acidity: 4/10 
Bitterness: 6/10
Sweetness: 2/10 

Regular price $35.90

Clos Pons Sisquella (White Blend), White wine, Clos Pons, winefix Sold

Clos Pons Sisquella (White Blend)

Country: Spain 
Alcohol Content: 13.5% 
Year: A wine made from more than one grape is called a blend. All interesting stuff, but is the bottle open?

Acidity: 3/10 
Bitterness: 5/10 
Sweetness: 5/10

Regular price $53.90

Craggy Range Avery Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, White wine, Craggy Range Avery Vineyard, winefix

Craggy Range Avery Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

Country: New Zealand
Alcohol Content: 13% 
Year: Letting a wine breathe is not taking it seriously enough. We like giving wines mouth-to-mouth.

Acidity: 5/10 
Bitterness: 3/10
Sweetness: 3/10 

Regular price $70.00

Nina Late Harvest Moscato Giallo, White wine, Bodegas San Huberto, winefix

Nina Late Harvest Moscato Giallo

Country: Argentina 
Alcohol Content: 11% 
Year: Hakuna Moscato. It means drink wine.

Acidity: 3/10 
Bitterness: 2/10 
Sweetness: 7/10

Regular price $40.90