Chinese New Year - Wine Pairings

We all need a Chinese New Year Wine. Whether it's because we are hosting dinner, visiting and need a gift or settling mahjong squabbles. A lovely glass of vino will never be out of place or unwelcome.

And yet, gourmands are quick to criticise when they see unusual pairings at the Chinese dinner table.

"Red wine with steamed fish? - the travesty!". Cue the fainting.

But here's the thing. The average Chinese New Year dinner can have up to 12 dishes served at the same time. How does one cater to all? Where others see obstacles, we see opportunity!

Option 1: You could get 12 different wines, one per dish. The real wine fix. Respect.
Option 2: You could get a couple of wines to cover the usual suspects.
Option 3: You could get one bottle to try have fun with, and experiment with different dishes. No rules are the best type of rules.

A 'Fix For Chinese New Year Wine Pairings - The Simplest Wine Guide To Evoke The Heartiest Gong Xi Fa Cai's

Barbecued ribs or duck: A little sweet and less bitter reds work really well with the sweetness of barbecued dishes. Our go-to for this type is the Aires Andinos Cabernet Sauvignon.

Deep fried food/dim sum: You need something refreshing. Nothing is more refreshing than a rosé. Yes, way Rosé!

Steamed seafood/dim sum: An epic Sauvignon Blanc like the Craggy Range will do you wonders!

Spicy/Sichuan dishes: An Argentinian Torrontes and it's acidity enhances spicy food. Think about we why squeeze lemon on barbecued stingray. An acidic Rosé will do the trick too. OR you could have fun with it and have a sweet wine. The Don David is the sweet Torrontes version that we can't seem to restock fast enough.

Everything else: When all else fails, go for a Bordeaux. We normally like to call BS for these type of things but even research has shown that Bordeaux can be correctly identified in blind tastes tests (or at least better than any other wine).

Now that you know the winefix you need, use voucher code MYCNYFIX to get an auspicious 8% off wines perfect for Chinese New Year 2018!

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all you Fixers! Have a great year of the dog!

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