No more guessing. Choose wines based on how they taste.

No more guessing. Choose wines based on how they taste.

Each wine is rated on Acidity, Bitterness and Sweetness. Instead of generic descriptions or fancy lingo, now you know exactly what you're getting. Oh, and delivery is free.

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Feeling adventurous? Or slightly unsure?

Feeling adventurous? Or slightly unsure?

Whether you are a seasoned drinker or new to wine, sometimes it's just hard to choose.

Answer 6 quick questions, and we will deliver a wine selected specifically for you, to your doorstep.

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How winefix Works

  • Simple taste ratings for rebels

    You already know the type of wines you like. Compare and choose wines based on simple taste ratings that evolve with customer feedback.

  • The ultimate recommendation tool

    Can't decide? No problem. Take an easy 6 question survey and let us find the right wine from our curated selection, just for you.

  • Free delivery

    No minimum order required. How has this not been invented before?


How do you ensure the accuracy of the ABS taste ratings?

A bunch of wine lovers (our buyers) have sacrificed and are tirelessly finding, tasting, mostly rejecting and then accepting some wines for our curated selection. The selected wines are then rated, keeping in mind every other bottle we offer, to ensure consistency.

Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU, our customers rate the wines after you have sipped, gulped or guzzled (#nojudgement) them. This means the ENTIRE 'Fix community is constantly rating these wines, making sure they are representative of a wide population of tastes. As such, our ABS ratings are accurate AF.

The ratings are super useful but I still can't decide/don't like deciding what wine I should get. What should I do?

No problem. Let us decide for you! Click "I Can't Decide", answer a fun, 6 question survey and we will recommend a wine best suited to your personal palate!

Do you really deliver for free, regardless of order size? Even if I just get 1 bottle?